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About Us

We innovate and design the highest quality products for the Filament market. With a no compromises approach we design and manufacture our filaments with the highest research standards.

Why Choose Us

We’re a team of passionate engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide fellow engineers and hobbyists with the highest quality materials because we believe only with the right tools can one’s vision truly come to life.

FilaLabs focuses on delivering professional-grade, precision printing filaments to the world’s next generation of users.

All our filaments have been calibrated, tried and tested by our team so we can ensure the materials we offer are of the highest quality.

Whether you’re a seasoned engineering professional or a 3D printing hobbyist, we’re excited to provide you with the filaments you need to realize your goals.

Experience Advantage

With more than 5 years of production experience, we have developed strong thermoplastics blending research background and state-of-the-art extrusion infrastructure

R&D Advantage

Our filaments are certificated with CE, ISO, ROHS

Service Advantage

Easy to use and professional after-sales support, with first-class service and rigorous customer service processes to ensure worry free after-sales use

Our Distribution Centers

We ship daily within USA & Canada - PLA

Niagara Falls, NY
USA 🇺🇸

FilaLabs USA

1823 Maryland Ave, Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Mississauga (Toronto)
Canada 🇨🇦

FilaLabs Canada

1010 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, Canada

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Check out our filaments

We carry a wide range of filament types. No matter what your next project is, we have a filament type to meet your needs